Regional Resource Centre

Regional Resource Centre

The Regional Resource Centre is where Beamish Museum and Tyne and Wear Museums look after their collections. The centre is free to people of all ages and interests. You can make an appointment to use the Search Room or Collections Study Room to view:

  • Photo Archive
  • Object collections
  • Reference Library
  • Audio History Archive
  • Access to Collections

At both museums we strive to make our collections and the information we hold about them accessible to everyone. Members of the Collections Access Team provide a range of tours and visits to suit all needs including large groups, family groups and facilities for study visits by individual researchers. There is also an outreach service to communities across the region.

At the Regional Resource Centre storage is provided in environmentally controlled conditions for a wide range of small and medium-sized objects. There is a purpose built and well equipped Collections Access Room for study visits, meetings and presentations. We also provide a service to local groups and societies by providing safe and accessible storage for their important collections through the Heritage Cubes project.

Regional Museums Store
The Regional Museums Store is a huge warehouse which contains a wide range of unique artefacts that represent the north east of England’s rich industrial, maritime, transport and agricultural heritage. Many items would have been scrapped if the museums had not rescued them. Some are also very large, and therefore difficult to accommodate in conventional museum buildings. They are now an important learning resource, and their preservation will encourage and support future museum developments across the region.

During the summer season, visitors to Beamish can see some of these items from a viewing gallery. To see more you can book a free place on one of the occasional guided tours of the building led by staff from both museums. Alternatively, contact us to arrange a special tour as group.

Heritage Cubes Project
Through the innovative Heritage Cubes project we provide safe and accessible accommodation for the collections of many heritage groups, along with training in collection care.